The advantages of Kneeboard

  • Activity for all.
  • Very easy to access.
  • Sensation from the first few minutes.
  • Ability to do it in Duo.
  • The pure pleasure of skiing for beginners.
  • Initiation and advanced courses.
  • Mentoring by BEES water skiing instructors.
  • Time formula.
  • kneeboards, vests…. are available to skiers.

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The advantage of Kneeboard:

As its name suggests, it is a board with excessively stable and secure stable and secure , ideal to reassure yourself and acquire as quickly as possible your first moments of slide.

The children love it and the older ones use the kneeboard to do a few relaxing laps. The low position helps balance and at the same time provides a sensation of speed like on a karting.

Another possible use is to sit two on top, a great moment of delirium guaranteed!!!!!


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