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Water skiing

The advantages of water skiing

  • Activity for all.
  • Fast learning.
  • Sensation of alpine skiing by slaloming on the course.
  • Aid for monoski initiation.
  • Initiation and advanced courses.
  • Time formula.
  • Water skis, vests…. are available to skiers.


The characteristics of water skiing:

Water skiing is an essential discipline in the water activities because it provides you with your first sensations in a standing position and allows you to refine the basic attitudes of the glisse.
Our team of instructors recommends before trying the wake to do a few ski tours because the learning is very fast and this allows you to master the course well, especially in curves.

The supports are similar to those of the ski alpin so many people enjoy making beautiful curves or tight turns all along the circuit in order to regain the sensations of winter.


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